Mission Rescue Begins!!

This year our holiday club was Mission Rescue. Would Moses accept his mission to rescue the Israelites? How would he do it? Who would help him?

Would 20 teenagers accept the mission of teaching this story, of leading games, crafts, songs and activities for 1 week? A week of spying, challenges, fun, quizzes, gunge, and prizes took place in the Archdale Hall every morning from 25 - 28 July. Each morning the team would meet for worship and bible study at 9am before the children arrived at 10am. Agents X and Y helped us to think about going undercover (not hiding under a duvet), communication, following instructions and who is in control. Children made burning bushes, flies and frogs.

45 children and leaders enjoyed learning about Moses' rescue mission, and Jesus rescue of us. Thank you to everyone who provided help, food for the team, lunches, puddings, chocolates, and for all the support of friends and parents during the week.

Thoughts of the Teenagers!

"This week I have enjoyed working with the team of leaders and also the young children. The children had lots of energy which kept the leaders on their feet even with the early mornings! Sometimes craft could become a handful as the children wouldn't understand what we asked! Songs and quizzes were lots of fun with the actions and 'not relevant' answers to the questions (for the young children anyway). I even enjoyed preparing for the next day and chatting about the day we had. Overall the holiday was great and will be doing it all over again next year!"

"This week I enjoyed working with the team to make the Kids Bible Club as fun as possible. Planning each day was also an enjoyable part of the week! I feel like we were able to communicate God's word to the children really well. It was a brilliant week!"

"I enjoyed being able to tell the kids about God. I also enjoyed the team time where we got a chance to encourage and inspire each other and spend time with God. It was a great week that has once again made my faith stronger."

"I really enjoyed the leading the Bible study even though I was completely nervous before it. I loved getting to be a big child for the week and having banter. I loved the food and cake and hanging with mates. Thank you Ali and Chris for all your hard work. Will miss you next year!"

"I have really enjoyed this week, coming closer to God throughout team times, reaching out to the children and seeing them grow throughout the week! Each day had its challenges but the results are so worth it!"

"I really enjoyed the freedom to lead a day at the front and the freedom to pick your own crafts and Bible study - it was good to do something that I wouldn't normally do. It was great fun interacting with the kids and helping them begin a journey with God. Also the atmosphere among the leaders was amazing and it was great to be part of the team."

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